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The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.

United States Department of Justice – Federal Bureau of
Investigation (US)

Special Agent Rickey O’Donald suffered a fatal heart attack
immediately following the FBI’s annual mandatory fitness assessment
at the Miami Field Office. After completing the test, he mentioned
to other agents…

Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office (GA)

Deputy Sheriff Michael Butler was killed in a vehicle crash while
responding to a domestic violence call at approximately 8:25 pm. He
was responding to the call with his emergency equipment…

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (CA)

Deputy Sheriff Michael Foley was struck and killed by a prisoner
transport bus in the parking lot of the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin,
California, at approximately 6:00 am. He was…

California Highway Patrol (CA)

Officer Lucas Chellew was killed in a motorcycle crash near the
intersection of Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road, in
Sacramento, while pursuing another motorcycle. Officer Chellew’s
motorcycle crashed during the pursuit….

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