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  • Colorado State Patrol (CO)
    Corporal Daniel Groves was struck and killed by a vehicle on I-76, near mile marker 47 west of Roggen, during a blizzard. He was assisting a driver who had slid off... Read more »
  • McHenry County Sheriff's Office (IL)
    Deputy Sheriff Jacob Keltner was shot and killed as he and other members of the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force attempted to serve an arrest warrant in Rockford, Illinois. The... Read more »
  • Midland Police Department (TX)
    Police Officer Nathan Heidelberg was shot and killed while responding a burglary alarm at a residence at 3306 Eagle Cove in Midland. Officer Heidelberg, a probationary officer he was training, and... Read more »
  • Sullivan County Sheriff's Office (TN)
    Sergeant Steve Hinkle succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained three days earlier at 3606 Highway 11W. Deputies had responded to the residence to conduct a welfare check on an occupant. As they... Read more »
  • Chattanooga Police Department (TN)
    Police Officer Nicholas Galinger was struck and killed by a vehicle in the 2900 block of Hamill Road at 11:00 pm. He was checking a manhole cover that had water overflowing... Read more »

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