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Every day is a new
beginning. Treat it
that way. Stay away
from what might have
been and move on.
Don't let negative
words or actions of
others affect your
smile. Decide that
today is going to be
a good day

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DPOA Notices
                     N.A.P.O. PROTEST LETTER TO NFL
Garrity Notices
Member Shall be given 48 hours written notification prior to being
interviewed at which time the member being served shall Immediately
notify the D.P.O.A. Office to have the attorney scheduled. Members are
not Required to do Phone Interviews.


DPOA Notices

The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.

Riverdale Police Department (GA)

Major Greg Barney was shot and killed while assisting members of the Clayton County Police Department at an apartment complex in the 6600 block of Church Street. Major Barney, who was...

Fargo Police Department (ND)

Police Officer Jason Moszer was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call in the area of 3rd Street North and 9th Avenue North in which shots had...

Tulare County Sheriff's Office (CA)

Deputy Sheriff Scott Ballantyne and Mr. James Chavez, a civilian pilot, were killed in an airplane crash near Lake Success at approximately 4:15 pm. The aircraft was assisting deputies on the...

Harford County Sheriff's Office (MD)

Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey and Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon were shot and killed by a wanted subject shortly before noon. The deputies had been dispatched to the restaurant, at 3412 Merchant...
Click Here for all DPD Fallen But Not Forgotten Officers

DPOA Notices
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WDIV - Channel 4 News




 Vice President
Ronald Thomas


To become an Associate Member of the D.P.O.A., call (313) 567-8770.

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