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The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc.

North Carolina Highway Patrol (NC)

Trooper Kevin Conner was shot and killed while conducting a traffic
stop of a speeding vehicle on U.S. 701, near Sellers Town Road, in
Columbus County at 12:15 am. The subject…

Suffolk County Police Department (NY)

Sergeant Dennis Reichardt died as the result of cancer he developed
after spending three months searching through debris at the site of
the World Trade Center and the Fresh Kills…

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PA)

Corrections Officer Mark Gaspich suffered a fatal heart attack
after climbing two ladders to reach the observation platform of a
guard tower at SCI Camp Hill. He began to feel ill…

United States Department of Energy – National Nuclear
Security Administration – Office of Secure Transportation

Federal Agent Kristopher Youngberg was killed in a vehicle crash on
I-40 near Okemah, Oklahoma. He and four other agents had attended
training at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, and were returning to…

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