Scholarship Fund

DPOA Scholarship Fund

Benefiting Children and Step Children of All DPD Members Since 1999

The DPOA SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established to provide assistance to officer’s children without the debt attached to student loans.

The fund was initially incorporated in 1997 and is an entity totally separate of the DPOA, as required by tax regulations. It was in October of 1998 that the IRS approved section 501(C)(3) tax exempt status. This was most important as 501(C)(3) permits donors to enjoy tax benefits on contributions made to the fund.

The first scholarship was awarded for the 1999-2000 academic year to children of DPD membership.

Eligible recipients must have a parent or step-parent employed by the Detroit Police Department. The fact that Mom or Dad put forth the effort and initiative to advance their own career through promotion, and thereby relinquishing their membership in the DPOA; is a terrible reason to deny support to the ambitions and initiatives of a child at the defining moment of their life. Therefore, awards are not limited solely to DPOA members.

Recipients must possess a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma, and be enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning or trade school. Applicants must write an essay, the topic of which varies from year to year and is determined by the fund directors. Interested students and parents will need to contact the DPOA office to be provided with the particulars on how to apply. The scholarships are normally presented in mid-summer.

Department members may make tax-exempt contributions to the fund through payroll deduction for as little as fifty cents (0.50) per pay.

Anyone interested in providing assistance to this most worthy cause, no matter how big or how small should contact fund President through the DPOA office. Approved tax letters will be provided to donors upon request (Updated 2/26/2017)


Contributions are Tax Deductable

Payroll Deduction Cards Available for All Department Members.

Donations Embraced from Any Business, Private Entity, or Individual

The DPOA Scholarship Fund is an Approved Section 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation


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