D.P.O.A. Office phone system which includes the after-hours answering service  provides better service to our membership.

1: If at any time an officer is involved in a shooting, injured, arrested, or detained within the City of Detroit call Dispatch for a Union Steward first, then contact the D.P.O.A. Office at 313-567-8770. There is an Executive Board Member on call after hours.

2: When an officer is served a notice of Garrity from the Supervisor, please contact the D.P.O.A. office at 313-567-8770 so information can be recorded in the Garrity Book. In addition, please take a clear picture of the Garrity request and email it to legal@detroitpoa.com; include cell phone number as well. Garrity notices – Your Supervisor must give you 48 hours’ notice.

3: At no time should you ever think you are not the focus of an Investigation, you  should always request a Union Steward either by Radio, or call the DPOA office 313-567-8770, there is an Executive Board Member on call.   We do not do interviews with our Supervisor or Internal Affairs, they can provide you with written statements “Questions” on a 568. The officer’s will schedule an appointment with the DPOA office to have questions answered.  Do not answer them yourself.