Members Rights

Need to Know Information

D.P.O.A. Office phone system which includes the after-hours answering service  provides better service to our membership.

1: If at any time an officer is involved in a shooting, injured, arrested, or detained within the City of Detroit call Dispatch for a Union Steward first, then contact the D.P.O.A. Office at 313-567-8770. There is an Executive Board Member on call after hours.

2: When an officer is served a notice of Garrity from the Supervisor, please contact the D.P.O.A. office at 313-567-8770 so information can be recorded in the Garrity Book. In addition, please take a clear picture of the Garrity request and email it to; include cell phone number as well. Garrity notices – Your Supervisor must give you 48 hours’ notice.

3: At no time should you ever think you are not the focus of an Investigation, you  should always request a Union Steward either by Radio, or call the DPOA office 313-567-8770, there is an Executive Board Member on call.   We do not do interviews with our Supervisor or Internal Affairs, they can provide you with written statements “Questions” on a 568. The officer’s will schedule an appointment with the DPOA office to have questions answered.  Do not answer them yourself.


Coalition of Detroit Public Safety Unions Trust (CDPSU)

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Plan

The CDPSU HRA Plan provides eligible retired City of Detroit Police and Fire Fighter employees with reimbursement of covered out-of-pocket medical care expenses on a non-taxable basis. 

Eligible participants include City public safety employees who have retired after January 1, 2015 while covered under a collective bargaining agreement between the City and the following Unions:

1) DPOA; 2) DPLSA; 3) DPCOA; and 4) DFFA. 

The current HRA monthly stipend for DPOA, DPLSA, and DPCOA retirees ranges from $65 to $80 per month. These monthly stipend amounts are currently under review.

To apply for your monthly benefits, contact CDPSU’s claims administrator, Automated Benefit Services, at 800-645-9978 or  For more information about the CDPSU HRA Plan, please visit