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  Job Postings
Michigan Job Openings
United States Process Serving Corp.
Portland Police Bureau 

Officer Deanna Wesson-Mitchell

Portland Police Bureau - Personnel Division

Recruitment Coordinator

1111 SW 2nd Avenue, Room 1542

Portland, OR 97204


San Jose Police Department
If you have further questions, contact us at 408-277-4951 or go to

Atlanta Police Department
Aurora Police Department 

Officer Julie Stahnke

Aurora Police Department

Recruiting and Backgrounds Section

15151 East Alameda Parkway #2400

Aurora, CO 80012

Office # (303) 326-8759

King County Sheriff Department (Seattle Washington) 

Deputy Dave Palus

Sound Transit Police & KCSO Recruiter

King County Sheriff's Office

206-205-7603 (desk)

206-255-8764 (cell)

Current work hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1600 hours

Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) las Vegas 

Jennifer Scharn, SPHR 
Human Resource Officer 
Nevada Department of Public Safety 
Human Resources - Southern Command 
702-486-3189 office 
702-486-6998 fax

Robert Abraham Robert Abraham, CPMAsst.
Chief of Police
La Crosse, WI Police Dept.
400 La Crosse StreetLa Crosse WI, 54601


Stockton Police Department 
I am a Sergeant with the Stockton, Police Department in California.  Those of us left here have weathered a pretty nasty storm and now believe we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After losing about 50% of our work force over the past few years, we have been hiring quite a few back and believe we will make it out of bankruptcy without many more cuts.
When we went through our layoffs several other agencies reached out to us letting us know they had jobs available and would take a serious look at those officers we had to let go.  Although, we are at full capacity right now, we expect to be hiring another 100+ officers if a tax initiative on the ballot for November passes.
Although I do not believe our state Police Officer Standards and Training accepts Michigan Certificates we would pay any successful applicants to attend a California Academy.  I am also aware that Several other California cities have the same policy and are hiring now.
Please let any of your officers who are separating from your Department know they can email me for more information.  If our initiative passes and there is enough interest we may send some recruiters out to do a test and get the ball rolling.
Thank you.
Grant Bedford
Personnel and Training Sergeant
Stockton Police Department