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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
We have compiled the resources below based on the most common questions we get we asked. We've also included some articles that contain information that every officer should know. Many articles are from our Tuebor newsletter and provide a sampling of the valuable information you will receive each month as a member or subscriber.

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Article: Explanation of Pay Stub Deductions
Author: Donna Latouf
This document provides and updated explanation of the various deductions on your pay stubs.

Article: Understanding Health Care Terms
Author: Donna Latouf
You can save yourself money by knowing key health care terms and how they relate to your benefits. View this document to review some of the most common questions we receive regarding your health care benefits.

Article: Life Insurance Coverage Changes at Age 65
Author: Katie Fuquay Murphy
If you are approaching your 65th birthday and paying for life insurance with Guardian, this information is intended for you!

Article: Special Letter to Tuebor from NAPO
Author: National Association of Police Organizations
View this document for more information on NAPO.

Article: Verify Deductions for Paycheck Code 40654
Author: Donna Latouf
Are the correct amounts deducted from your check? Find out by reviewing this document.

Article: Rights, Responsibilities under FMLA
Author: Donna Latouf
Description: The following is information provided by the City of Detroit Human Resources Department and the Department of Labor.

Garrity Notices - Member Shall be given 72 hours written notification prior to being interviewed at which time the member being served shall Immediately notify the DPOA Office to have the attorney scheduled. 

Injury Reports - Document all injuries as soon as they happen.  The forty-eight (48) hour rule means nothing to the Department, they are quick to dismiss the injury as happening on duty even if the report is filed within the rule. Send a copy of the injury report to the Medical Section, the Association and keep one for yourself.  Just because you file an injury report on the Department's system doesn't mean it will be processed quickly and get to the Medical Section timely

Assignments - A request for assignments within a district, or entity once an employee is assigned there, can be made by submitting DPD Form #31 (referred to as a Blue Slip) to the Commanding Officer. The request be valid for a period until October 1st each year. An employee may only have one assignment request on file at any time; the most recent request will replace the earlier request. Whenever openings occur within districts, or entities , the most senior employee on the list shall be assigned provided the employee is qualified. Any time there are common seniority dates on a job assignment list the job assignment shall be given to the member whose request was first received by supervisor. In order to determine when such receipt occurred, a copy of the job assignment request, dated and signed by the supervisor who received the request and the time and date he/she received it, shall be provided to the member. In the event members with common seniority dates submitted their request on the same date, the decision shall be by blind draw. An Association representative shall be present at the tie breaking procedure.

An employee shall not be eligible to exercise seniority for job openings within the district, or entity until he/she has worked in said district, or entity for a period of one (1) year. When the officer is involuntarily transferred to a precinct, or entity he/she shall not be eligible to exercise his/her seniority for job opening in the district, or entity until he/she has worked in said precinct, or entity for a period of six (6) months.
(page 25 & 26 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)


Transfers - The request shall be valid for a period until October 1st each year. Continuation requests may be submitted on or after August 15th. Whenever openings occur within precincts, or entities the most senior employee on the list shall be transfer provided the employee is qualified. Any time there are common seniority dates on a transfer list, the transfer shall be given to the member who was first recorded as approved by the Personnel Section. In the event members with common seniority dates also have a common recording date, the selection shall be by blind draw. An Association representative  shall be present at the tie breaking procedure. (page 22 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)

Leave Days - A temporary absence from duty of twenty - four (24) hours duration shall be defined as a leave day unless otherwise designated (e.g., sick leave, funeral leave, compensatory time, etc.) by the Department. Insofar as possible, the work week of every member of the Department shall consist of five (5) days. Leave days granted to employees who work Monday through Friday shall be Saturday and Sundays. An employee shall be entitled to eight (8) leave days in each twenty - eight (28) day work period.
The present practice of employees submitting leave day requests shall continue. Upon submitting the request the employee shall circle the days he/she wishes to be granted under the conditions of this Article.
Employees shall be granted a minimum of four (4) circled days for each twenty - eight (28) day work period; provided, that an employee may select five (5) circled days in four (4) work periods per  fiscal year which shall be designated by the Union and promulgated by special order.
Further, in the event that more leave day request are submitted than the allowable percentage to be off on any given day or days, then the most senior employees shall be granted their request. When leave day requests are less than the allowable percentage to be off, then all such requests for that day or days shall be granted.
Under normal conditions, job assignments and leave days shall be posted seven (7) days prior to the end of the current work period. After having been posted, leave days shall be changed only by mutual consent of the officer and the Department, except when leave days are canceled because of an emergency.
After leave days are posted, employees may mutually agree, with prior written approval of their supervisor, to exchange leave days. (pages 43 & 44 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)
                                                                                                                                                                                 Funeral Leave - If a death occurs among members of the employee's immediate family, such employee will be granted three (3) days funeral leave, not to be deducted from his/her sick bank, provided that such leave may be extended to five (5) days within the discretion of the Commanding Officer based on individual circumstances.
If a death occurs among the relatives of the employee, such employee will be granted one (1) day funeral leave not to be deducted from his/her sick bank.
The immediate family is defined as wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, step-mother, step-father, or other member of the household.
A relative is defined as a grandson, granddaughter, grandmother, grandfather, great grandchild, great grandparent, brother-in-law, sister-n-law, uncle, aunt, mother-n-law of father-n-law.
(page 32 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)
Furlough Selection - Drawing for Summer furlough will be conducted on February 15th. Drawing for Winter furlough will be conducted on August 15th.
If the scheduled drawing date falls on a Saturday, the drawing will be held on the preceding Friday. If the date falls on a Sunday, the draw will be held on the following Monday.
Each furlough period shall contain ten (10) consecutive days, which shall also include the standard number of leave days and up to three (3) Bonus Vacation Days with the furlough.
An employee drawing the first furlough in any given work period may attach five (5) leave days and up to three (3) Bonus Vacation  Days at the end of the furlough (F) days. An employee drawing the second furlough in any given work period shall have the following options concerning the five (5) attached leave days and up to three (3) Bonus Vacation Days with the furlough:
Option 1: Attach one (1) leave day at the beginning of the furlough period with the remaining four (4) leave days attached at the end of the furlough period. Should one (1) or more Holiday(s) fall within the furlough period, then those days replace by the Holiday(s) may be attached at the at the beginning or the end of the furlough period. When Bonus Vacation Days are attached, the may be placed at the beginning and / or the end of the furlough period.
Option 2: Attach five (5) leave days and up to three (3) Bonus Vacation Days at the end of the furlough period.
 If an employee is sick or disabled immediately prior to his vacation, and the employee provides medical proof of such illness or disability, the vacation shall be rescheduled  to a date that is mutually acceptable to the employee and his/her commanding officer.

At Roll Call (Furlough Drawing) - Members may elect to sell up to one week of furlough time (five consecutive days) per furlough period. An election to sell furlough time shall be at the time of the furlough draw. Payment shall be made within thirty (30) days after the furlough draw.
(pages 49 & 50 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)

Emergency / Excused Leave Days - Emergency or excused days shall be granted to a member for an absence justified by urgent reasons such as attendance to demanding personal business and other pressing matters which cannot be covered by other banked time. Permission to use emergency days must be granted in advance from the member's commanding officer or the officer in charge of his entity. Supervisory personnel may make reasonable inquiries in order to verify that the request is legitimate but shall maintain the confidentiality of any personal information. Not more than five (5) emergency or excused days may be granted in any one fiscal year under any circumstances. All excused days will be deducted from the member's accumulated sick banks, and will consequently affect the accumulation of bonus vacation days.

Any member under the restrictions of the attendance control program (DPD 350) shall not be allowed to have emergency or excused days deducted from his/her sick banks and will be carried Absent No Pay.
(page 51 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)
Bonus Vacation Days -Bonus vacation days are granted for unused current sick time. Officers who have accumulated a minimum of fifty (50) sick days including both current and seniority days and have a minimum of six (6) years of service on July 1st of each year will be credited with one-half (1/2) of the unused current sick time from the previous fiscal year up to six (6) days. An officer may request to take his/her bonus vacation days in any sequence (except when attached to a furlough as stated below) by submitting a request in writing to his/her commanding officer. This request will be reviewed for the availability of personnel by his commanding officer. Seniority will be a prime consideration when several officers request the same period of time off.

An officer shall be allowed to use up to three (3) bonus vacation days in conjunction with a furlough. The request to utilize bonus vacation days in this manner must be included in the leave day request. Bonus vacation days, when connected to a furlough, shall not be canceled unless the accompanying furlough is canceled. This article does not affect or limit the right of the Department to determine the number of employees assigned to work. Consequently, there will be no increase in the total number of employees who are absent and the effect of granting an employee's request could be that the seniority leave day request of another employee (even if more senior) will be denied.
The Department must insure that bonus vacation days are expended proportionately throughout the year and are not carried until the last months of the fiscal year; therefore, on April 1st, the commanding officer shall assign the remaining bonus vacation days at his/her discretion. Any request to utilize unused bonus vacation days in conjunction with furlough scheduled during the months of April, May or June must be submitted to the commanding officer by April 1st or those bonus vacation days will be assigned.
Bonus vacation time shall be deducted from the member's bonus vacation bank before compensatory time shall be taken.
(page 81 & 82 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)
RE: Teletype #05-05847 District Patrol "Team Assignments" -  
On December 6, 2005, police officers at each of the Districts are either selected or were assigned to a
“Team.” These “Teams” are patrol job assignments. The procedure for assigning officers to a “Team” is the same as when officers were assigned to a certain “Scout Car.” The one difference is that officers
assigned to a certain “Team” are not necessarily going to be assigned to the same geographic area within
the District every day.
Officers may exercise their right to be assigned to a specific “Team” on a shift by following the procedure
contained under Article 10.C.2.a. of the DPOA Contract.
(page 20,22 & 25 of your 2004 - 2009 Contract)

Most teams are assigned three (3) officers. Generally, the two (2) most senior officers on each team, when both are working, will be assigned to work with each other and will then be designated to work a specific geographical area within the District.However, the Detroit Police Department continues to operate under the concept of community policing.Interaction and involvement with the community by police officers patrolling the Districts is a vital component of community policing. The implementation of “Teams” within each District allows the Detroit Police Department to continue its efforts to maintain ties with the community while also focusing patrol “Teams” to areas identified as “hot spots” of criminal activity.

Getting Duty - Related Medical Bills Paid: When you are injured in the line of duty and are conveyed to a medical facility, remember you are working for the City of Detroit. Don't give admitting personnel your driver's license and insurance. Instead, give them your name, the address where you work, and the responsible party being.
                                    City of Detroit Medical Section 
                              DPMS/DMA/University Health Center
                                            1301 3rd 5th Floor
                                            Detroit, Mi.48226

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